The forest is closely related to our lives, home and outdoor flooring. Wooden furniture. Paper. Toilet paper, are all forest products. However, the forest on earth is disappearing in a bit by bit. According to a report of the World Resources Institute, industrial deforestation has become the number one killer of primary forests, affecting more than 70% of endangered forests.

We have 20 years of landscape design experience and over 500 design cases. From public projects to private construction, we have many cases. In the past landscape design used crude wood, but the world's environmental protection trends and users' requirements for durable maintenance We are constantly looking for new alternatives. Having experienced many tests and researches, we have developed NextWood that is environmentally friendly and durable. This generation of NextWood has more deeply carved wooden lines. With a beautiful appearance, the future will replace the crude wood.

NextWood is higher in hardness than traditional wood (wpc), and the surface is combined with 3D printing embossing to show texture. It is closer to the texture of crude wood but more durable than crude wood. It is a new choice of new generation of outdoor wood products, and the product passed CNS15730, SGS Certification, and also has a green building material mark, suitable for outdoor wood platform and grille fence.